Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my cave

So, many of you have been asking how things are going. I NEED TIME!! There is NOT enough hours in the day to get everything done. I am trying to prioritize and just get the MOST important things done, but sometimes I feel like I am not doing a very good job at it. I have so much to do, and yeah I know here I am typing a blog! But in my mind this really helps reduce my things to do because now I don't have to answer the questions! So, we're doing good. Gordon is out of town Mon-Fri as some of you know. It's been hectic, homework, writing papers, homework, taking care of Parker, cleaning. You know busy day stuff. It's been really hard with Gordon being gone and some days I just am amazed I am able to get anything done. My child is into EVERYTHING!! But, thus far I have failed nothing (well one measly little math test...but I actually got one of the higher grades in the class) so I guess somehow I am getting it done. And even though I have not vacuumed the house in longer than I would like to admit there is no dirty dishes or mold anywhere. We're also all running around in clean (mostly) clothes, so I guess everything is getting done somehow. I just can't think about energy levels. On a better note my mom took Parker and I to the fair yesterday (it was his 1st time ever) and it was a nice break from writing papers and studying. Even though we only spent a few hours in the general population it was still nice! Parker wanted to pet the cows, of course I told him we couldn't, GROSS!! So, to everyone that ever reads this, caffeine is my best friend, lamps and my kitties keep me company in the late hours and pony tails have become the norm. I will hopefully talk to some of you in person when I can come out of my cave that has become my existence, a good time line for this would be after December 10Th :) Have a great week!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pen snobbery

There never seems to be any time to do anything, yet somehow almost everything gets done. Although the laundry never seems to be finished, it is like a large animal of sorts waiting to attack me as soon as I step into the laundry room. Recently I bought some really nice pens. I mean, these are the pens that God intended people to use, they’re smooth flowing, perfect color and never seem to run out. Unfortunately for me they are rather pricey, but I have recently realized that my hand cramps do not care about price, just quality. So last week I decided I was going to become a pen snob, and yes it has gone straight to my head. Well, the other night I was getting ready to dig into a very long and labor intensive paper and I needed my snobby pen in hand. I proceeded to look in the obvious places, you know, the desk, chair, bed, dog toy bin, child toy bin and everywhere else a pen might escape to. After fruitless efforts of looking for my long lost expensive yet worth it pen I decided to give up and lower myself to the .99 pen from Wal-Mart. Just as I sit down to start writing my 19 month old son runs up to me yelling “Mommy, Mommy Mommy!!” Very loudly and very urgently. Of course I was at first inclined to ignore him and yell at my husband to come and get him. You must realize this was my only moments of free/quite time that I had sat aside and allotted just for this occasion. But anyway looking up at my son I see him running at me with fist high in the air holding something thin and small. His hand is an oddly stained dark color (from who knows what, and after living with him for these last 19 months I really don’t even try and speculate until I can get close.) As he is quickly approaching me I get a good look at his clothes and realize this dark substance has somehow traveled to his clothes as well. “Odd” I think. As he leaps into my lap proudly displaying whatever it is he has obviously won and grinning as large as he can. He hands me my sad, chewed, bleeding snobby pen. At that moment in time I can honestly not say if I was more upset about his clothes and inky hands or my dilapidated little friend that had only had the privilege of serving me but once in its sad and pathetic little life. Of course I wanted to yell, and cry and all of the above, but the look on his face made me stop. He had been looking ALL over the house for that pen for me, and even though he had, unfortunately for all of us, decided to take a chew while retrieving the pen for Mommy, he had still found it. So, on our way to the bathroom I tried (calmly tried) to explain that we cannot chew on pens because it has ink in it and it’s bad to get that in your mouth. Of course I am sure he didn’t really care, it has cool colors in it! Luckily this small sad moment also forced me to do some laundry, so there’s one chore down that I didn’t previously have done. I guess there is a silver lining in it after all. I have decided to traipse of to the store today and by myself another snobby pen. Hopefully this little troop can survive the Thornley household a little longer than its fallen comrade before it.