Tuesday, April 14, 2009

purses and such

So Parker goes to Kara's on Wednesdays. This Friday I guess he got his days mixed up and was convinced that he was going to Kara's. He kept saying "Ara, Abbie, Ara, Abbie!!" I kept reminding him that it was Mommy and Parker's day to play. To which he quickly replied "NO Ara, Abbie!!" I guess Mommy and Parker day was not as much fun as I thought :) It also took me a while to figure out what the heck "Ara" was, for a moment in time I thought he wanted to do laundry...of course we use Era! So, I asked him if he was ready to go to Wal-Mart (NO!) BUT he did put Mommy's shoes on and adorn his outfit with my purse. I guess he doesn't want to be left out at Kara's, he must have the proper accessories! So my question is Kara, does my child use a purse often at your house or only once in a while? Hope you love the picture! (You know me, I HAD to take a picture of it, you're welcome proud Daddy. At least he's wearing manly gear....the hat does count....)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun times

Here's my little man all dressed up for Easter!

For some reason Parker and Abbie look a little mad, I am going to say it was the sun. Easter was a lot of fun this year. Parker is actually able to hunt for eggs and we got to be around not only my crazy family but our friends as well. Here is just one of the many pictures we took this weekend, I think we make a pretty good group. Scary that this is the majority of the leadership team at church! Thanks guys for hangin out with all the crazies! Love to all, hope everyone had a great Easter!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Inspirations from unlikely sources

I recently read a book by Hal Urban that has really inspired me to change a few things. Nothing big really, but it is the little things that truly make up our lives anyway. I would like to lie and said I read this book on my own accord, but I did not, it was for a class. I do not have the will power to read books that might change my life...that's the craziness of it. Anyway, a part of the book talks about being thankful, and not just at Thanksgiving. It is hard to be thankful for things when life is busy and crazy and there is little time for personal reflecting. But, as Hal has pointed out, we lose ourselves and the beauty of life if we don't make time. So, I am going to make some time here to make a list, of course I cannot possibly list everything I am thankful for, it would take me years! Anyway, here goes:
1. A God that loves me with new love everyday and one that gives me free will to make the mistakes I do to learn from.
2. My husband, he is the best one in the world that loves me no matter what I forget (dinner in the oven, or to pay the phone bill...oh yeah it happened!)
3. My beautiful son, I was going to lump 2 and 3 together but I think they deserve their own number. He is a handful at times but he is one of (after #2) the best things that has ever happened to me!
4. all of my friends! MAN I am so blessed to be surrounded by individuals that truly care about my family and I, most people have only a few best friends during their lifetimes, I can truly say I have multiple best friends right now! I feel I should also include a few names here..but this does not in anyway reflect on just these guys, there are more. Kara-she has really helped me to see what a good Christian wife and mother one can be, she also lest me whine and cry on her already cram packed shoulders, she also makes me laugh! She is really a funny girl :) (And here I should mention Pat as well, he's been a great friend also) Heidi-she has also been a great friend and advisor to many things. Rose-best friends for life at this point (why not we've known each other since the 1st grade) Rebekah-even though she's gone a lot we're still close when she is here, MAN she makes me laugh! Mary- a true woman of God and one that I can rely on to give me the right advice no matter how much I try and convince her my ideas are better :) Robyn-she makes me laugh!
5. For the people that have inspired Gordon and I, such as Connie and Ed, Donna and Steve Deke and Carrie, Pat and Kara, and the list goes on from here. There is really something to be said on those who do not give up on you even when the world thinks they should. I have no doubt that if God had not placed these people strategically in our lives we would not be where we are today.
6. This is the part of material things, not as important but still crucial. Gordy's wonderful job, our house that we own, 2 cars that we own, college (seems silly here? 3 years ago I was never going to college, now next year I will be graduating and trying to inspire others like me to go), our church building (loving it!) and my ipod. (it's the best to have when walking across campus in 40 mph winds!)
That's it for now, this is my list. It looks much like the personal one I wrote down on a piece of paper and read pretty often (as Hal has suggested doing). So if life seems to get you down, I urge you to do this, amazingly enough the small things aren't that important!