Wednesday, December 2, 2009

water or rocks? Both please!

I was recently asked if I would rater be a rock or water. Of course me being the way I am I immediately yelled out "A rock!". With a look of not quite disapproval my teacher calmly looked at me and said, "Tell me why you choose that." I replied that a rock is strong, dependable and mostly unchanging." She smiled and replied "yes that is true, now tell me about water." I said well "Water flows, and is never still." She smiled again and said "Very true." Then she began to tell a story, a story about water and rocks. While the rocks sit in one place and are unmoving, they are indeed constant but they are slowly being changed by the water. A rock is hard and unwilling to move, but none the less the water calmly, patiently and quietly changes the rock, most of the time without the rock ever knowing it is being changed. After she read the story with the grand canyon of course being the main example I quietly smiled at her and when she asked me what I'd rather be I replied "the water." "Good choice" she said as she smiled at me. Then I said "and the rock as well." She looked at my with a question on her face, clearly not expecting this answer. She said "Go on." And I told her that I would rather be the rock at times and the water other times. There are some times in our lives where we need to be a rock because a rock in the river is not taken into the current with all of the debris and garbage. A rock is strong and sturdy, never faltering in what it believes in or thinks. Now the water is good to be at times because it is better to do and lead by example than to try and make someone change. Now my teacher is not a Christan and she has voiced many times that Christianity is not allowed in the classroom, but I find this idea interesting because is this not a Biblical principle? Did Christ not lead by example as the water, quietly changing people's hearts and minds. He was also the rock however, because he refused to be swept down the river with the debris the water carried along with it. I love the analogy of water and rocks, but I want to be both, not one or the other.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

observations of kids

I have been in the public schools now for 2 weeks observing. First observation: kids are crazy Second observation: kids will make you crazy if you let them. Third observation: kids are like sharks, they smell fear. SO DON'T be afraid of them, encourage them, help them develop and always remember SMILE! Remember today's choices are tomorrow's consequences! Love to all, I've had the busiest craziest and downright nuttiest day I think ever! Someday I might blog more, but this is just a list of my small observations. Too bad I can't write than in my formal portfolio for class!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project 365 idea...

Well as life is back to it's busy schedule of school and work (for Gordy) and homework I find it hard to remember the days that have gone by. So while playing around on face book tonight one of my good friends had this cool idea (that she also stole from a friend) posted. It was called project 365, and the basic idea was to take a picture (most commonly of everyday life, which is after all the best sometimes) and document it. I believe I am going to try and start this. I think it would be so cool to take 1 picture a day of something that you want to remember about that day. Anyway, I thought I would share that. I am getting ready for my first certification exams and have been taking classes for computer proficiency training in order to have a computer in my classroom when I graduate. I know I graduate a year from now but I still have so much to do! I don't want to forget anything about this last year of school. I have been so blessed to be able to finish up my degree and I have also met some amazing friends along the way! Love to all, hope your're having an amazing week!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of school

So today was Parker's first day of "school". He was pretty excited, I must admit I was a little sad to see him go. I don't usually drop him off on his first day, I am usually in school too. But for some reason this year he started a day before me so I got to take him! He was sad until he saw some old friends from last year and he kissed me goodbye, waved and grabbed the little girls hand and walked right in. It was nice to see him go on so easily, but a little hard for me hah. As you can see from the pictures he has moved on up in class so he now needs a nap mat. (Which he was VERY excited about!)He also got a new lunch box to take (which he was quite proud of!) We had such a great summer together, we got to spend an entire 2 months together, Which has never happened! We had SOOO much fun and it makes me almost want to cry to think it is all over! Love to all, hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, August 14, 2009

we're there!

Well, I have good news! Parker is officially potty trained! He even sleeps in big boy undies for his nap!! The only time we have a pull up on him is at night. YEAH for us!!! I am so glad that he finally gave in and just started to use the potty. We have moved the changing table out and have placed some table and chairs in his room (cars, who would've guessed). He LOVES it!! He sits in there and colors and plays play doh for hours on end...which is nice for me. He has also dubbed the other chair "his Abbie's" since we just got it they haven't been able to come over for her to sit in her new chair. And, he also got a new bed that's a car, it's way too cool, or at least he thinks so.In other sad news, our first fish....has gone to a better, well different place. I tried to clean the water out for him and he met his demise soon thereafter. It was sad, but I think I was more upset than Parker was. We have a new fishy now that is black and has appropriately been named "Red". Who knows what goes on in a 2 year olds brain? Anyway, love to all we are trying to enjoy the rest of our freedom these next couple of weeks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I feel that I might have been a bit misleading in my previous post on the potty training issues at hand. Yes, it is true that we have started potty training but it is not true that he will go to the potty everytime by himself, or that he will tell me when he needs to go potty. He has had a few accidents and he waits to be smelly all throughout his nap instead of just using the potty for that. BUT I am not giving up, after all Rome was not built in a day and my amazing awesome man of God won't be molded into that in a day either :) When Ed used to say the best thing you can do as a parent is be consistent and determined I never really knew that that meant...until now. Here is a fun swimming picture, has nothing to do with this blog really but I thought it was cute. When you tell him to smile he does a crooked smile, it's funny. love to all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

our new pet

We are now proud fish owners! Parker is (for the most part) potty trained. This does not mean however that we still don't ask him every 30 minutes or so if he needs to go potty. But I feel that the major trauma of potty training is over. Thank you God!! Everyone have a great week, we're still enjoying our summer fun! Meet Nemo, Kitty Cat or Mr. Fishy...depending on who he is telling the story to.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How has this been done for centuries?

Potty training....ugh! I have promised Parker a goldfish when he is successful at this potty training bit. I must say this morning when I told him it was time to start he was rebellious and non cooperative to say the least. (this is mildly putting it because at one point I was pulling him on the floor towards the bathroom with him dragging his bike and something else along with him in order to try and stop me.) I quickly gave that idea up, sat down with my coffee and prayed a bit. Afterwards I realized that small trinkets and stickers would not do with this kid. I was going to have to up it a notch. For the past few months he has been begging Gordy and I for a fish (no, really BEGGING for one, yesterday he even had enough sense to bring along money he found at home in order to try and con me into getting him one...I usually tell him that we don't want to waste money on them.) So, upon thinking of this I calmly went to the garage and got down a bubblegum machine that is actually a fish tank. (Thanks Lynn!!) Parker and I set it up together and he is excitedly using the bathroom (almost) each and every time he needs to. Tomorrow we are moving to big boy undies (he is also excited about this.) So I am attempting to get him regularly going (every 30 minutes, set on a timer as advised) so that he will be ready for his big boy undies tomorrow. (And the Lord willing a goldfish soon, because that would mean we've done it!) I do have to say I never imagined this fish thing would work as well as it has so far. I guess my big lesson here is that sometimes you need to calm down, step back and talk to God about the situation. I always try and fix it my own way, of course it never works! Everyone have a lovely 4Th of July and a great safe weekend!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is the end

of summer school that is!! I managed to survive summer school yet once again. Now for the next 2 months (Until late August) it will be nothing but fun and sun for us!! I am SO relieved to be out of school for a little while. Anyway, one semester closer to the end of school all together (well as a student at least). For those of you that don't know I am in the education program at Texas Tech and I graduate in December of 2010, which sounds like a long time but it's really only next year. I does depress me however to read Amanda's blog and she is already taking the certification testing!! I wish I were there already, good job Amanda! Love to all, have a great week!! I know Parker and I will, while we're doing NOTHING!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Six years!

Happy 6 years of marriage to us! That's right, Gordy and I have been married 6 years yesterday. It wasn't really that great of an Anniversary but it was nice to at least be together. We went to Palo Duro Canyon with Kids Connection (our children from church) and had an AMAZING time! Pat did an excellent service Saturday night and we amazing worship with Frontline (well, they weren't REALLY there, it was off of my ipod). But even though they weren't there God sure was! It was so great to hang out with all of our amazing kiddos, they are so sweet! I even got some cards from them and Nelda had the group shout "Happy Anniversary" to us. (Which is so sweet!) Then Sunday (which was our anniversary) we packed up and went home (boo!) and then Gordy and I came home to a sick child (boo again) and went to bed early. But, as exhausted as we were I wouldn't have traded the day for anything (well, maybe the throwing up Parker part...but nothing else). Next weekend we will probably do something more romantic, and just so you all know Parker is fine today (thank goodness.) He is FULL of energy and running about like a maniac (and also eating again, which is a good sign.) Oh, and I have no pictures of us on our anniversary, needless to say we were pretty gross and sweaty so it was not a picture moment in time (although Kara might have one or two of us in the canyon..hope not yikes!) So I LOVE YOU BABY and I am glad that I have had the last six amazing years with you!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do Angles get overtime?

So, last week my Dad was in a little "accident" and let me start the story out by saying that he is doing great. I think this is an amazing testament to how God takes care of His people! My Dad is borrowing Gordon's truck right now and it is a Dodge full size truck just so you can get a picture as to how big a vehicle it is. My Dad was out at the Ranch he visits regularly and he was stopped looking at something he was hauling. He got out of the truck, didn't put it in park and suddenly noticed that it was rolling backwards. At this point he tries to grab the steering wheel and misses. The truck door slams him into the ground as the truck rolls over his left leg and coming to rest on his right leg (ankle). For 10-15 seconds he can't think of what to do, so he pushes on the truck wheel dislodging it from atop his leg. He proceeds to then get up and limp back to his friend that was nearby. Not only was nothing broken, damaged or fractured he also worked helping on the Ranch the next day. After forcing him into going to the Dr. yesterday they agreed that there was nothing broken but that he needed a Doppler done on his leg to ensure there was no blood vessel damage. He came home this afternoon with a clean bill of health merely saying "there is some bruising and a few open wounds around the ankle bone." When I think of this story ALL I can think is angels placing themselves over my Dad's legs and then pushing the truck off of him. I honestly can say I have NEVER heard of anyone getting "run over" and walking away from it basically unharmed. In a time where most people feel unrest and uncertainty this is a blatant statement from God I believe showing us that He is indeed amidst us and in OUR lives, EVERY second of EVERY day!! So, be encouraged He loves us and is involved in our daily lives!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

still alive

Yup...that's right we're all still alive! I am going to summer school (just for the first session) and while I am there Mon-Fri Parker stays with my Dad Mon-Wed and Kara Thurs and Fri. It's been adventerous so far. Poor Kara had to have her gall bladder out on Friday of last week so Parker only when to her house Thursday. I came home today (of course my Dad has been with him) and Parker is wearing a pair of boxers as shorts. I asked my Dad where he got those "shorts" and he said Parker got them from his closet (they're toddler boxers, crazy I know I didn't even know they made them until Gordon's mom bought them and sent them down.) Anyway, Summer school just started last Wednesday and already pretty much everyday I have had a good story from Dad of something Parker has done. Monday Parker peed in his closet floor (thank GOD we have hard wood floors, and in my Dad's defense we are trying to potty train right now.) Parker's favorite phrase is "I DO". Anyway, that's my update I am sure I'll have even better stories to tell as the weeks progress.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

purses and such

So Parker goes to Kara's on Wednesdays. This Friday I guess he got his days mixed up and was convinced that he was going to Kara's. He kept saying "Ara, Abbie, Ara, Abbie!!" I kept reminding him that it was Mommy and Parker's day to play. To which he quickly replied "NO Ara, Abbie!!" I guess Mommy and Parker day was not as much fun as I thought :) It also took me a while to figure out what the heck "Ara" was, for a moment in time I thought he wanted to do laundry...of course we use Era! So, I asked him if he was ready to go to Wal-Mart (NO!) BUT he did put Mommy's shoes on and adorn his outfit with my purse. I guess he doesn't want to be left out at Kara's, he must have the proper accessories! So my question is Kara, does my child use a purse often at your house or only once in a while? Hope you love the picture! (You know me, I HAD to take a picture of it, you're welcome proud Daddy. At least he's wearing manly gear....the hat does count....)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun times

Here's my little man all dressed up for Easter!

For some reason Parker and Abbie look a little mad, I am going to say it was the sun. Easter was a lot of fun this year. Parker is actually able to hunt for eggs and we got to be around not only my crazy family but our friends as well. Here is just one of the many pictures we took this weekend, I think we make a pretty good group. Scary that this is the majority of the leadership team at church! Thanks guys for hangin out with all the crazies! Love to all, hope everyone had a great Easter!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Inspirations from unlikely sources

I recently read a book by Hal Urban that has really inspired me to change a few things. Nothing big really, but it is the little things that truly make up our lives anyway. I would like to lie and said I read this book on my own accord, but I did not, it was for a class. I do not have the will power to read books that might change my life...that's the craziness of it. Anyway, a part of the book talks about being thankful, and not just at Thanksgiving. It is hard to be thankful for things when life is busy and crazy and there is little time for personal reflecting. But, as Hal has pointed out, we lose ourselves and the beauty of life if we don't make time. So, I am going to make some time here to make a list, of course I cannot possibly list everything I am thankful for, it would take me years! Anyway, here goes:
1. A God that loves me with new love everyday and one that gives me free will to make the mistakes I do to learn from.
2. My husband, he is the best one in the world that loves me no matter what I forget (dinner in the oven, or to pay the phone bill...oh yeah it happened!)
3. My beautiful son, I was going to lump 2 and 3 together but I think they deserve their own number. He is a handful at times but he is one of (after #2) the best things that has ever happened to me!
4. all of my friends! MAN I am so blessed to be surrounded by individuals that truly care about my family and I, most people have only a few best friends during their lifetimes, I can truly say I have multiple best friends right now! I feel I should also include a few names here..but this does not in anyway reflect on just these guys, there are more. Kara-she has really helped me to see what a good Christian wife and mother one can be, she also lest me whine and cry on her already cram packed shoulders, she also makes me laugh! She is really a funny girl :) (And here I should mention Pat as well, he's been a great friend also) Heidi-she has also been a great friend and advisor to many things. Rose-best friends for life at this point (why not we've known each other since the 1st grade) Rebekah-even though she's gone a lot we're still close when she is here, MAN she makes me laugh! Mary- a true woman of God and one that I can rely on to give me the right advice no matter how much I try and convince her my ideas are better :) Robyn-she makes me laugh!
5. For the people that have inspired Gordon and I, such as Connie and Ed, Donna and Steve Deke and Carrie, Pat and Kara, and the list goes on from here. There is really something to be said on those who do not give up on you even when the world thinks they should. I have no doubt that if God had not placed these people strategically in our lives we would not be where we are today.
6. This is the part of material things, not as important but still crucial. Gordy's wonderful job, our house that we own, 2 cars that we own, college (seems silly here? 3 years ago I was never going to college, now next year I will be graduating and trying to inspire others like me to go), our church building (loving it!) and my ipod. (it's the best to have when walking across campus in 40 mph winds!)
That's it for now, this is my list. It looks much like the personal one I wrote down on a piece of paper and read pretty often (as Hal has suggested doing). So if life seems to get you down, I urge you to do this, amazingly enough the small things aren't that important!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daddy's Boy

Just thought this was a cute picture. Daddy's work boots are still a little too big for him! He is talking more everyday and repeating everything we say! It's so much fun! He is also in a "big boy bed" as he calls it, which means he has free roaming privileges if he so chooses. He's done pretty good so far, there have been a few nights he has snuck out of his bed but other than that he's doing good with it.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Two Years ago

Of course here he is today!

He's always laughed, even when he was this tiny!

This is Parker's dedication, back when we were in the old building. This was so special for us, especially Gordy because Ed is like his Dad, we're so blessed to be part of their lives!
Here's the proud Daddy and Parker when he was so tiny (well compared to now!)
Anyway, I was just looking at some old pictures and thinking of how much our lives have changed since 2 years ago! If only I knew things would be this much fun I would've never been so scared! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our last couple of months

Well, I must admit it has been a while since I last blogged. Life just doesn't seem to leave me enough time in a day. We have had wonderful last couple of months it has been family filled and fun. First, Lynn (my mom-in-law) came to see us. She hadn't seen Parker in a year but he didn't let that stop him from conning her into anything and almost everything he wanted. He was thoroughly involved with "Mamaw and Arker B" time...which is what he calls her and himself. It was nice to see her and I must admit I really kinda miss her. She did laundry (I feel like it was almost the entire time she was here!) Cooked, cleaned, entertained the boys (yes both, a trip to Toys R' Us will do that) and ran all of my errands for me. She left on Friday night and then Wednesday my Aunt and Uncle from St. Louis came for a week. It was also nice to see them but I must admit I am enjoying my alone time again. (What TINY little bit I have). Also, Gordon is officially back in town (yes he moved his trailer FULL of stuff back home...along with the laundry bag if that tells you how official it really is).

So things are getting back to normal. I am still trudging through school and loving (almost) every minute of it. This semester is filled with my days of actually spending time with students and I am LOVING every minute of it. On the off chance of sounding a bit like Ed this is my passion, it is what I was meant to do! Also, in the midst of all of this somehow my baby boy has turned 2. It is crazy to think he could be 2, but alas I guess he is! He is also acting 2 (yes fits involved which include but are not limited to kicking, screaming and throwing anything that it is near). He has also added quite a few new words to the vocabulary, as well as some choice phrases. He LOVES to mimic anything you say, so that has been fun. He told Snoopy, our dog yesterday that he was"a stinker" which is what my Aunt has been calling Parker. It was pretty funny actually.

Then this morning I get am sleeping soundly in my bed and I hear a door slam. Of course this really scared me because Gordon was gone and Parker was sleeping, or so I thought! So I jump out of bed and run around the house as fast as I can (with cell phone in hand and 9-1-1 already dialed so as I come upon anything or anyone in the house I can merely push send.) After a thorough investigation of the house nothing seems to be amiss, aside from the dog missing. So I go back to my bedroom and sit on the bed wondering what in the world was going one when I hear laughing on the monitor. So I go to open Parker's bedroom door and it is locked! (MUCH to my surprise!) So I get a penny (yes they're the easy to open ones, SMART thinking on my hubby's part) and open the door. The dog is sitting in the middle of Parker's bedroom while Parker is running cars all over him and making car noises. Parker looks up at me and says what sounds like to me Mornin mama. It was pretty funny, but this whole situation scares me, because this means that not only can Parker can climb out of bed, (which he has done before, so no surprise there) but now he can open his door and lock it as well. I guess the good news is the dog was entertaining him in his own room and he was not wondering around the house doing who knows what. I guess next he'll be serving his own breakfast and turning the cartoons on Saturday mornings. Where does the time all go? So anyway, now that we are all officially caught up on my life I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nearing the 2 year anniversary of mommyhood

As my experience of motherhood nears its 2 year anniversary there are a few things that I have learned along the way. I would like to share a few of them, of course hopefully these are only a few and I have learned much more than this list. So here goes:

1. Laughing-it is better than crying and water proof mascara isn't really water "proof" more water "resistant"

2. Febreeze and stain removers were invented my a mommy

3. Duck tape does keep a diaper on, masking tape doesn't stick to the slick surface as well

4. "No" at age two can mean yes, maybe, I am hungry or anything else

5. "Fine" can be used by a 2 year old and in the proper context

6. When a favorite snack food is found (such as the new Cheerios Chex Mix) buy it in stock. United, Target and 2 Wal-Mart's might not have it when you run out.

7. And, go easy on that "psycho" mom in Wal-Mart with the crazy hair and the stuff stuck to her kid's hair and face. She might be sick with 2 papers and a test due the next day. She might also never look like that, it might have been that there were no diapers anywhere near the premise that she calls home. So when the mom is yelling at her kid to "just sit down in the cart!" for the 15Th time try to have pity on her and not scorn. It might just be an off day. *Side note* For those of you that have the "perfect" child and not the one that just wants to go home and "play" just wait. Your time will come, if you ever plan on having more kids the next one might be just like my strong willed spirited child, so judge not lest you be judged.*End of side on to
lessons that can be learned from the dog:

1. Staying on the opposite of what mom is vacuuming keeps you from being sucked up because she must change the vacuum setting before she gets to your part (ex. stay on tile if she's vacuuming carpet, visa verse)

2. Taking up maximum room on the floor is best, never give up your floor space to adults or cats

3. Anything can be chewed

4. Any food needs to be at least tried, one good lick should suffice

So, honestly looking back I can say I have learned a lot about myself. I really am blessed with a good kid, even if he does throw tantrums and he is strong willed. I can't imagine having a child that does everything I want him to at every moment, MAN would life be dull. I look back over these last 2 years and so many things have changed! There have also been so many good memories already made. There have been moments of crying, yelling and lots of laughing. I just pray that during these next long months of this new journey most often referred to as "potty training" I can remember how to laugh, lots.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My very bad no good day

If I were to ever write a book of quotes from my Dad, and I could, fill a whole book that is, this would be at the beginning of them all. "My dad used to tell me cheer up kid, things could be worse, so I did, and then they got worse." That is about how my day has felt. It has gone from mediocre to horrible. The title of my day were it written in a book would be called the Very Bad No Good Day. I don't really have time to explain it all, I just wanted to vent. It has been a Monday, and as I was receiving my wonderful Sonic food (just in the middle of the bad day, not even near the end) the guy giving it to me said "It looks like someone has a case of the Mondays". No kidding. He really said that, I didn't even respond. At that moment in time there was nothing polite I could say, and you know what Thumper's mom and my Dad used to say, If you can't say nuthin...and you know the rest. I sincerely hope that everyone elses Monday has gone better, and I also sincerely hope this is not the beginning of a horrible week. It can't get any worse right? I try to never say that, in fact I am not going to say that out loud. I would post some pictures but alas I have no camera, so there are no cute pictures. And Parker is sick so he's not looking too cute right now anyway so I guess it's OK! Love to all, sorry if this is blah, I just wanted to write, and a short story not a novel.

Monday, January 5, 2009

These are the days

Well, just to let everyone know, since my last blog was very gloomy, irrational and a bit angry...Samsung is going to fix my camera, or replace it for us. So good news there! We had a wonderful Christmas (since my last blog did not really reflect the correct holiday mood) haha. We went to Dallas and spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with Gordy's brother and sister-in-law and her family. She has a huge family, with her sister contributing 4 children to the chaos. It was nice, they are all blond so Parker fit right in! There were twins that are almost 3 (of course Parker could have taken them if the need had arose, they're pretty little) and a 10 month old. So he was right in the middle (age wise, of course size wise he was a little closer to the 6 year old). Then the day after Christmas we drove to one of my best friends in the worlds house that lives in Texarkana (Mary for those of you who know her) and we met her new son Brendan who is 2 months old. It was a time full of joy and a lot of running around (mainly because of my child, who of course seems to never sleep!) We are really blessed that we have so many great family members and friends that let us crash parties and hang out with them. Then this last week we just spent it taking down Christmas decorations (sad day!) and hanging out together, it was a much needed rest. Of course since it was New Years Gordy came home Wednesday night and was home for 4 days! Now the sad part is he still has another 2 or 3 weeks left down there, this week is going to be hard, for 2 weeks now we've only had to miss him until Wednesday, and of course this week it's back to the norm. So I guess keep us in your prayers and thoughts, mainly that he gets it done and can come home. On February 1st Parker turns 2 and we're going to have Gordy's mom here (YEAH!) no really I mean it, no sarcasm, she hasn't got to see Parker since this time last year and I know she is dying to see him...oh right and us too of course :) And then my Aunt and Uncle are flying in from St. Louis too. So, I really need Gordy home, plus I start school this coming Wednesday. Love to all, hope 2009 has gotten of to a great start for everyone!!