Monday, June 15, 2009

Six years!

Happy 6 years of marriage to us! That's right, Gordy and I have been married 6 years yesterday. It wasn't really that great of an Anniversary but it was nice to at least be together. We went to Palo Duro Canyon with Kids Connection (our children from church) and had an AMAZING time! Pat did an excellent service Saturday night and we amazing worship with Frontline (well, they weren't REALLY there, it was off of my ipod). But even though they weren't there God sure was! It was so great to hang out with all of our amazing kiddos, they are so sweet! I even got some cards from them and Nelda had the group shout "Happy Anniversary" to us. (Which is so sweet!) Then Sunday (which was our anniversary) we packed up and went home (boo!) and then Gordy and I came home to a sick child (boo again) and went to bed early. But, as exhausted as we were I wouldn't have traded the day for anything (well, maybe the throwing up Parker part...but nothing else). Next weekend we will probably do something more romantic, and just so you all know Parker is fine today (thank goodness.) He is FULL of energy and running about like a maniac (and also eating again, which is a good sign.) Oh, and I have no pictures of us on our anniversary, needless to say we were pretty gross and sweaty so it was not a picture moment in time (although Kara might have one or two of us in the canyon..hope not yikes!) So I LOVE YOU BABY and I am glad that I have had the last six amazing years with you!!


CONNIE said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You two just amaze me! I know that God is going to bless you for giving up your day to bless the kids! Thank you for loving them! We love you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!