Wednesday, June 3, 2009

still alive

Yup...that's right we're all still alive! I am going to summer school (just for the first session) and while I am there Mon-Fri Parker stays with my Dad Mon-Wed and Kara Thurs and Fri. It's been adventerous so far. Poor Kara had to have her gall bladder out on Friday of last week so Parker only when to her house Thursday. I came home today (of course my Dad has been with him) and Parker is wearing a pair of boxers as shorts. I asked my Dad where he got those "shorts" and he said Parker got them from his closet (they're toddler boxers, crazy I know I didn't even know they made them until Gordon's mom bought them and sent them down.) Anyway, Summer school just started last Wednesday and already pretty much everyday I have had a good story from Dad of something Parker has done. Monday Parker peed in his closet floor (thank GOD we have hard wood floors, and in my Dad's defense we are trying to potty train right now.) Parker's favorite phrase is "I DO". Anyway, that's my update I am sure I'll have even better stories to tell as the weeks progress.

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CONNIE said...

It is amazing all the places boys will find to pee. It's great for you that your Dad is dealing with it!