Sunday, June 28, 2009

This is the end

of summer school that is!! I managed to survive summer school yet once again. Now for the next 2 months (Until late August) it will be nothing but fun and sun for us!! I am SO relieved to be out of school for a little while. Anyway, one semester closer to the end of school all together (well as a student at least). For those of you that don't know I am in the education program at Texas Tech and I graduate in December of 2010, which sounds like a long time but it's really only next year. I does depress me however to read Amanda's blog and she is already taking the certification testing!! I wish I were there already, good job Amanda! Love to all, have a great week!! I know Parker and I will, while we're doing NOTHING!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Six years!

Happy 6 years of marriage to us! That's right, Gordy and I have been married 6 years yesterday. It wasn't really that great of an Anniversary but it was nice to at least be together. We went to Palo Duro Canyon with Kids Connection (our children from church) and had an AMAZING time! Pat did an excellent service Saturday night and we amazing worship with Frontline (well, they weren't REALLY there, it was off of my ipod). But even though they weren't there God sure was! It was so great to hang out with all of our amazing kiddos, they are so sweet! I even got some cards from them and Nelda had the group shout "Happy Anniversary" to us. (Which is so sweet!) Then Sunday (which was our anniversary) we packed up and went home (boo!) and then Gordy and I came home to a sick child (boo again) and went to bed early. But, as exhausted as we were I wouldn't have traded the day for anything (well, maybe the throwing up Parker part...but nothing else). Next weekend we will probably do something more romantic, and just so you all know Parker is fine today (thank goodness.) He is FULL of energy and running about like a maniac (and also eating again, which is a good sign.) Oh, and I have no pictures of us on our anniversary, needless to say we were pretty gross and sweaty so it was not a picture moment in time (although Kara might have one or two of us in the canyon..hope not yikes!) So I LOVE YOU BABY and I am glad that I have had the last six amazing years with you!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do Angles get overtime?

So, last week my Dad was in a little "accident" and let me start the story out by saying that he is doing great. I think this is an amazing testament to how God takes care of His people! My Dad is borrowing Gordon's truck right now and it is a Dodge full size truck just so you can get a picture as to how big a vehicle it is. My Dad was out at the Ranch he visits regularly and he was stopped looking at something he was hauling. He got out of the truck, didn't put it in park and suddenly noticed that it was rolling backwards. At this point he tries to grab the steering wheel and misses. The truck door slams him into the ground as the truck rolls over his left leg and coming to rest on his right leg (ankle). For 10-15 seconds he can't think of what to do, so he pushes on the truck wheel dislodging it from atop his leg. He proceeds to then get up and limp back to his friend that was nearby. Not only was nothing broken, damaged or fractured he also worked helping on the Ranch the next day. After forcing him into going to the Dr. yesterday they agreed that there was nothing broken but that he needed a Doppler done on his leg to ensure there was no blood vessel damage. He came home this afternoon with a clean bill of health merely saying "there is some bruising and a few open wounds around the ankle bone." When I think of this story ALL I can think is angels placing themselves over my Dad's legs and then pushing the truck off of him. I honestly can say I have NEVER heard of anyone getting "run over" and walking away from it basically unharmed. In a time where most people feel unrest and uncertainty this is a blatant statement from God I believe showing us that He is indeed amidst us and in OUR lives, EVERY second of EVERY day!! So, be encouraged He loves us and is involved in our daily lives!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

still alive

Yup...that's right we're all still alive! I am going to summer school (just for the first session) and while I am there Mon-Fri Parker stays with my Dad Mon-Wed and Kara Thurs and Fri. It's been adventerous so far. Poor Kara had to have her gall bladder out on Friday of last week so Parker only when to her house Thursday. I came home today (of course my Dad has been with him) and Parker is wearing a pair of boxers as shorts. I asked my Dad where he got those "shorts" and he said Parker got them from his closet (they're toddler boxers, crazy I know I didn't even know they made them until Gordon's mom bought them and sent them down.) Anyway, Summer school just started last Wednesday and already pretty much everyday I have had a good story from Dad of something Parker has done. Monday Parker peed in his closet floor (thank GOD we have hard wood floors, and in my Dad's defense we are trying to potty train right now.) Parker's favorite phrase is "I DO". Anyway, that's my update I am sure I'll have even better stories to tell as the weeks progress.