Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I feel that I might have been a bit misleading in my previous post on the potty training issues at hand. Yes, it is true that we have started potty training but it is not true that he will go to the potty everytime by himself, or that he will tell me when he needs to go potty. He has had a few accidents and he waits to be smelly all throughout his nap instead of just using the potty for that. BUT I am not giving up, after all Rome was not built in a day and my amazing awesome man of God won't be molded into that in a day either :) When Ed used to say the best thing you can do as a parent is be consistent and determined I never really knew that that meant...until now. Here is a fun swimming picture, has nothing to do with this blog really but I thought it was cute. When you tell him to smile he does a crooked smile, it's funny. love to all!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

our new pet

We are now proud fish owners! Parker is (for the most part) potty trained. This does not mean however that we still don't ask him every 30 minutes or so if he needs to go potty. But I feel that the major trauma of potty training is over. Thank you God!! Everyone have a great week, we're still enjoying our summer fun! Meet Nemo, Kitty Cat or Mr. Fishy...depending on who he is telling the story to.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How has this been done for centuries?

Potty training....ugh! I have promised Parker a goldfish when he is successful at this potty training bit. I must say this morning when I told him it was time to start he was rebellious and non cooperative to say the least. (this is mildly putting it because at one point I was pulling him on the floor towards the bathroom with him dragging his bike and something else along with him in order to try and stop me.) I quickly gave that idea up, sat down with my coffee and prayed a bit. Afterwards I realized that small trinkets and stickers would not do with this kid. I was going to have to up it a notch. For the past few months he has been begging Gordy and I for a fish (no, really BEGGING for one, yesterday he even had enough sense to bring along money he found at home in order to try and con me into getting him one...I usually tell him that we don't want to waste money on them.) So, upon thinking of this I calmly went to the garage and got down a bubblegum machine that is actually a fish tank. (Thanks Lynn!!) Parker and I set it up together and he is excitedly using the bathroom (almost) each and every time he needs to. Tomorrow we are moving to big boy undies (he is also excited about this.) So I am attempting to get him regularly going (every 30 minutes, set on a timer as advised) so that he will be ready for his big boy undies tomorrow. (And the Lord willing a goldfish soon, because that would mean we've done it!) I do have to say I never imagined this fish thing would work as well as it has so far. I guess my big lesson here is that sometimes you need to calm down, step back and talk to God about the situation. I always try and fix it my own way, of course it never works! Everyone have a lovely 4Th of July and a great safe weekend!