Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reflections and catching ups

As I look at all of my friends and their wonderful posts I realize it has now been over a year since I wrote anything! Oops, time flys what can I say! I am now very happily the 4th and 5th grade Social studies teacher, it has been amazing and challenging at the same time! But I must admit I am much better suited for this than Math!
My baby boy is now in Pre-School at a real big kids school (YIKES!) and he is loving it! He comes home with new words everyday such as, predicament, concentration and perplexed. Pretty big vocab words for pre-school if you ask me! :) We had a wonderful summer and P and I enjoyed me not being in school (at all) how weird is that? This was the first summer we've been able to just hang out ALL day and not worry about anything! So, that is pretty much it, Gordy is still in the same job and loving it. I am happy to report our marriage (after 8 years) is still going strong and is (it seems odd sometimes) even better than when we first got married!
So, if this works correctly here are some pictures from this summer! Parker's Tball
Last years 4th grade team!