Monday, January 19, 2009

Nearing the 2 year anniversary of mommyhood

As my experience of motherhood nears its 2 year anniversary there are a few things that I have learned along the way. I would like to share a few of them, of course hopefully these are only a few and I have learned much more than this list. So here goes:

1. Laughing-it is better than crying and water proof mascara isn't really water "proof" more water "resistant"

2. Febreeze and stain removers were invented my a mommy

3. Duck tape does keep a diaper on, masking tape doesn't stick to the slick surface as well

4. "No" at age two can mean yes, maybe, I am hungry or anything else

5. "Fine" can be used by a 2 year old and in the proper context

6. When a favorite snack food is found (such as the new Cheerios Chex Mix) buy it in stock. United, Target and 2 Wal-Mart's might not have it when you run out.

7. And, go easy on that "psycho" mom in Wal-Mart with the crazy hair and the stuff stuck to her kid's hair and face. She might be sick with 2 papers and a test due the next day. She might also never look like that, it might have been that there were no diapers anywhere near the premise that she calls home. So when the mom is yelling at her kid to "just sit down in the cart!" for the 15Th time try to have pity on her and not scorn. It might just be an off day. *Side note* For those of you that have the "perfect" child and not the one that just wants to go home and "play" just wait. Your time will come, if you ever plan on having more kids the next one might be just like my strong willed spirited child, so judge not lest you be judged.*End of side on to
lessons that can be learned from the dog:

1. Staying on the opposite of what mom is vacuuming keeps you from being sucked up because she must change the vacuum setting before she gets to your part (ex. stay on tile if she's vacuuming carpet, visa verse)

2. Taking up maximum room on the floor is best, never give up your floor space to adults or cats

3. Anything can be chewed

4. Any food needs to be at least tried, one good lick should suffice

So, honestly looking back I can say I have learned a lot about myself. I really am blessed with a good kid, even if he does throw tantrums and he is strong willed. I can't imagine having a child that does everything I want him to at every moment, MAN would life be dull. I look back over these last 2 years and so many things have changed! There have also been so many good memories already made. There have been moments of crying, yelling and lots of laughing. I just pray that during these next long months of this new journey most often referred to as "potty training" I can remember how to laugh, lots.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My very bad no good day

If I were to ever write a book of quotes from my Dad, and I could, fill a whole book that is, this would be at the beginning of them all. "My dad used to tell me cheer up kid, things could be worse, so I did, and then they got worse." That is about how my day has felt. It has gone from mediocre to horrible. The title of my day were it written in a book would be called the Very Bad No Good Day. I don't really have time to explain it all, I just wanted to vent. It has been a Monday, and as I was receiving my wonderful Sonic food (just in the middle of the bad day, not even near the end) the guy giving it to me said "It looks like someone has a case of the Mondays". No kidding. He really said that, I didn't even respond. At that moment in time there was nothing polite I could say, and you know what Thumper's mom and my Dad used to say, If you can't say nuthin...and you know the rest. I sincerely hope that everyone elses Monday has gone better, and I also sincerely hope this is not the beginning of a horrible week. It can't get any worse right? I try to never say that, in fact I am not going to say that out loud. I would post some pictures but alas I have no camera, so there are no cute pictures. And Parker is sick so he's not looking too cute right now anyway so I guess it's OK! Love to all, sorry if this is blah, I just wanted to write, and a short story not a novel.

Monday, January 5, 2009

These are the days

Well, just to let everyone know, since my last blog was very gloomy, irrational and a bit angry...Samsung is going to fix my camera, or replace it for us. So good news there! We had a wonderful Christmas (since my last blog did not really reflect the correct holiday mood) haha. We went to Dallas and spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with Gordy's brother and sister-in-law and her family. She has a huge family, with her sister contributing 4 children to the chaos. It was nice, they are all blond so Parker fit right in! There were twins that are almost 3 (of course Parker could have taken them if the need had arose, they're pretty little) and a 10 month old. So he was right in the middle (age wise, of course size wise he was a little closer to the 6 year old). Then the day after Christmas we drove to one of my best friends in the worlds house that lives in Texarkana (Mary for those of you who know her) and we met her new son Brendan who is 2 months old. It was a time full of joy and a lot of running around (mainly because of my child, who of course seems to never sleep!) We are really blessed that we have so many great family members and friends that let us crash parties and hang out with them. Then this last week we just spent it taking down Christmas decorations (sad day!) and hanging out together, it was a much needed rest. Of course since it was New Years Gordy came home Wednesday night and was home for 4 days! Now the sad part is he still has another 2 or 3 weeks left down there, this week is going to be hard, for 2 weeks now we've only had to miss him until Wednesday, and of course this week it's back to the norm. So I guess keep us in your prayers and thoughts, mainly that he gets it done and can come home. On February 1st Parker turns 2 and we're going to have Gordy's mom here (YEAH!) no really I mean it, no sarcasm, she hasn't got to see Parker since this time last year and I know she is dying to see him...oh right and us too of course :) And then my Aunt and Uncle are flying in from St. Louis too. So, I really need Gordy home, plus I start school this coming Wednesday. Love to all, hope 2009 has gotten of to a great start for everyone!!