Monday, January 19, 2009

Nearing the 2 year anniversary of mommyhood

As my experience of motherhood nears its 2 year anniversary there are a few things that I have learned along the way. I would like to share a few of them, of course hopefully these are only a few and I have learned much more than this list. So here goes:

1. Laughing-it is better than crying and water proof mascara isn't really water "proof" more water "resistant"

2. Febreeze and stain removers were invented my a mommy

3. Duck tape does keep a diaper on, masking tape doesn't stick to the slick surface as well

4. "No" at age two can mean yes, maybe, I am hungry or anything else

5. "Fine" can be used by a 2 year old and in the proper context

6. When a favorite snack food is found (such as the new Cheerios Chex Mix) buy it in stock. United, Target and 2 Wal-Mart's might not have it when you run out.

7. And, go easy on that "psycho" mom in Wal-Mart with the crazy hair and the stuff stuck to her kid's hair and face. She might be sick with 2 papers and a test due the next day. She might also never look like that, it might have been that there were no diapers anywhere near the premise that she calls home. So when the mom is yelling at her kid to "just sit down in the cart!" for the 15Th time try to have pity on her and not scorn. It might just be an off day. *Side note* For those of you that have the "perfect" child and not the one that just wants to go home and "play" just wait. Your time will come, if you ever plan on having more kids the next one might be just like my strong willed spirited child, so judge not lest you be judged.*End of side on to
lessons that can be learned from the dog:

1. Staying on the opposite of what mom is vacuuming keeps you from being sucked up because she must change the vacuum setting before she gets to your part (ex. stay on tile if she's vacuuming carpet, visa verse)

2. Taking up maximum room on the floor is best, never give up your floor space to adults or cats

3. Anything can be chewed

4. Any food needs to be at least tried, one good lick should suffice

So, honestly looking back I can say I have learned a lot about myself. I really am blessed with a good kid, even if he does throw tantrums and he is strong willed. I can't imagine having a child that does everything I want him to at every moment, MAN would life be dull. I look back over these last 2 years and so many things have changed! There have also been so many good memories already made. There have been moments of crying, yelling and lots of laughing. I just pray that during these next long months of this new journey most often referred to as "potty training" I can remember how to laugh, lots.

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