Monday, January 5, 2009

These are the days

Well, just to let everyone know, since my last blog was very gloomy, irrational and a bit angry...Samsung is going to fix my camera, or replace it for us. So good news there! We had a wonderful Christmas (since my last blog did not really reflect the correct holiday mood) haha. We went to Dallas and spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with Gordy's brother and sister-in-law and her family. She has a huge family, with her sister contributing 4 children to the chaos. It was nice, they are all blond so Parker fit right in! There were twins that are almost 3 (of course Parker could have taken them if the need had arose, they're pretty little) and a 10 month old. So he was right in the middle (age wise, of course size wise he was a little closer to the 6 year old). Then the day after Christmas we drove to one of my best friends in the worlds house that lives in Texarkana (Mary for those of you who know her) and we met her new son Brendan who is 2 months old. It was a time full of joy and a lot of running around (mainly because of my child, who of course seems to never sleep!) We are really blessed that we have so many great family members and friends that let us crash parties and hang out with them. Then this last week we just spent it taking down Christmas decorations (sad day!) and hanging out together, it was a much needed rest. Of course since it was New Years Gordy came home Wednesday night and was home for 4 days! Now the sad part is he still has another 2 or 3 weeks left down there, this week is going to be hard, for 2 weeks now we've only had to miss him until Wednesday, and of course this week it's back to the norm. So I guess keep us in your prayers and thoughts, mainly that he gets it done and can come home. On February 1st Parker turns 2 and we're going to have Gordy's mom here (YEAH!) no really I mean it, no sarcasm, she hasn't got to see Parker since this time last year and I know she is dying to see him...oh right and us too of course :) And then my Aunt and Uncle are flying in from St. Louis too. So, I really need Gordy home, plus I start school this coming Wednesday. Love to all, hope 2009 has gotten of to a great start for everyone!!

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