Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of school

So today was Parker's first day of "school". He was pretty excited, I must admit I was a little sad to see him go. I don't usually drop him off on his first day, I am usually in school too. But for some reason this year he started a day before me so I got to take him! He was sad until he saw some old friends from last year and he kissed me goodbye, waved and grabbed the little girls hand and walked right in. It was nice to see him go on so easily, but a little hard for me hah. As you can see from the pictures he has moved on up in class so he now needs a nap mat. (Which he was VERY excited about!)He also got a new lunch box to take (which he was quite proud of!) We had such a great summer together, we got to spend an entire 2 months together, Which has never happened! We had SOOO much fun and it makes me almost want to cry to think it is all over! Love to all, hope everyone has a great week!

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mandal said...

I know how ya feel! I'm ready for this first week back to be over with. It's tough getting back in the groove. Good luck this semester. Parker is so stinkin' cute!!