Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun times

Here's my little man all dressed up for Easter!

For some reason Parker and Abbie look a little mad, I am going to say it was the sun. Easter was a lot of fun this year. Parker is actually able to hunt for eggs and we got to be around not only my crazy family but our friends as well. Here is just one of the many pictures we took this weekend, I think we make a pretty good group. Scary that this is the majority of the leadership team at church! Thanks guys for hangin out with all the crazies! Love to all, hope everyone had a great Easter!


Heidi said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with me.... they were so fun to look at! The one of Parker and Ansley, it looks like hes thinking "yep I got me an older girl". I really loved the last one of Parker and the purse Im pretty sure its blog worthy! So funny! Thanks for all you do!

CONNIE said...

It's not scary that ya'll are the leadership team, it is awesome!!! We love you so much!