Monday, August 18, 2008

No baby

Everyone has always told my "Kids grow up too fast." I always politely agreed with them, and now I find myself telling other people that. I have just gotten home from visiting my family in St. Louis and when we get home Gordon tells me that Parker has changed while we were there. Of course he is always growing taller (no really he is, one morning I went to put an outfit on him he wore the day before so we could run to the grocery store and it would no longer snap at the bottom.) Don't ask me to explain that, it just happened. So I have been watching him today trying to figure out exactly what Gordon meant. Of course I see Parker every day and here recently all day everyday. When I was in school I would go to pick him up and be amazed at how different he looked than what was in my mind's eye. Sometimes I still catch myself thinking that he is still a baby. Which I only think for a second as he runs the other way laughing or jabbers to me in his own language. So, here is some changes that have occurred in merely one week. He says "yeah" but only to something he wants or wants to do where last week it was "yeah" to anything, including a nap or bedtime. He takes my hand and walks me to the changing table when it is needed. (Don't worry we've gotten a potty chair and are currently getting him comfortable with it as told by multiple books and mommies we should do.) He can bite into an apple actually chewing the chunks up where before he couldn't bite into it and if he did it was reduced to mere dribble down his nicely stained clothes. He can also meow like a cat when he sees one (no really, I thought it was actually the cat this morning) I was surprised to find the cat in the other room and Parker pointing to the empty doorway meowing. Before it was a silly sound and not really recognizable by others. He can also take the back off of the remotes, which means no more play time with them. He also officially has 13 teeth, I think, of course this count could be off it was just merely done by identifying the amount of dents in my skin. I think that is about it, of course everyday there is something new, it's just so hard to keep up. Gordon swears by the time he gets home on Fridays Parker will be driving. Oh and one last thing he does, which is very funny, when you ask him where the baby is he says "No babeeee"


Heidi said...

Ahhh.. baby Parker is getting so big. Enjoy it all!!! I actually laughed out loud about the counting of the teeth! You guys crack me up!

mandal said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe he is only 5 weeks older than Connor! Dang. He is advanced!