Monday, August 25, 2008

traipsing off to big BIG kids school

Well, today was my "official" day at big BIG kids school. Gordy and I used to call SPC big kids school so when I started applying to Tech he told me I was going off to big BIG kids school. The first day went pretty well. I wasn't hit by a bus, run down by a fellow biker or kicked in the head. I also had my shoes tied tight so I wouldn't get in a fight. I found my classes pretty easily and found a parking spot right off the bat. Of course I was there before 8, and there were hardly any left! Today I only had 1 class so tomorrow I feel will be the real challenge...since I somehow have to make it to 5 classes. But I am feeling much more confident than I was last week. And I KNOW Gordy loves me because last night he surprised me by taking me to the campus and walking around to the different buildings to find the quickest route. You see when I say "I would be lost without Gordy" it is not some figurative cutsie thing, I mean it literately. I would really be LOST without him, because I have NO sense of direction or a head for maps AT ALL!!! But he was so cute last night holding my hand and showing me landmarks that I could remember to help me find the right building. Because to me besides the library and the business building they all look the same. At least after all of these years he has finally learned I can not get a sense of direction by scouting out a bush or looking at the direction of the sun. All that does for me is want to make me sit in the shade and try not to stare at the sun too long before I go blind. I guess if I had been in the Army I would appreciate these things more, but alas I can not. So, here's to me sitting in my quite (Parker is napping thank you God!) cool office enjoying this moment instead of having tire marks on my forehead or roaming aimlessly around campus thinking "Man I thought I parked here!" And to all of my friends that went to Tech you should also be happy that Gordy helped me because you might all have a frantic phone call from me asking to help me find where I am :) And oh yeah Brandi I have your number now! Haha. So here's to a great semester, if all (or at least most, lets be realistic here) days go this well!!


Anonymous said...

See you have to figure out where everything is, because in a few years you'll be the one holding Parker's hand on the first day of school!

Brandi said...

you're more than welcome to call anytime... i walked aimelessly in the parking lot looking for my car nuerous times wishing i had been paying more attention to where i was when i got out instead of talking on the phone and being distracted:) i feel your pain!