Monday, November 3, 2008

Officially one of "them"

This past weekend was a lot of fun! So, I feel that I am now "officially" a Red Raider. I can honestly say this is the first time I have watched a game and actually cared who won. Not only did I care but I was one of the mindless fans screaming at the TV as if the people could hear us. It was ridiculous, but fun none the less. We actually missed the first part of the game because we were at the Corn Maze with a bunch of fun kiddos, Pat and Kara. Halloween was fun, we took Parker Trick or Treating, really for the first time. We actually did a lot of driving because there were so many people that wanted to see him so we just drove to friends houses and COTR for the candy and festivities. He had a BLAST! And he was actually allowed to go into one of the jumpers by himself because there was no other kiddos in line. (Thank you nice lady at COTR you made my baby boy's night!!) He was having so much fun I thought I was going to have to climb in there and get him! Sorry there are no pictures...well there are but I am not going to find the camera in my sea of papers and essays to download them right now. I promise I will post them later, hopefully before next Halloween. Love to all and WAY TO GO TECH PLAY THAT GOOD THIS WEEK PLEASE!!! OH and tomorrow is voting day DO NOT FORGET! And if you have any "I voted stickers" you can pass them to Parker on Wednesday night or Sunday morning depending on when you see me :) He was decked out in them all of last week, it was great. SO get your voice out there and VOTE. Again, love to all, I am now done with my public service announcment, carry on back to your lives.

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