Monday, December 1, 2008

the days of being 26

Yup, I am posting 2 blogs in one day. But I couldn't fit all of my cute Abbie pictures in with my other ones so I had to do 2, so sorry! So I am now 26, officially. I have to say that this has been one of the best birthday yet (even though we were sick all throughout the weekend). One of my closest friends (the one that everyone thinks is my sister) took Parker and I to lunch at the Olive Garden, then I had a party on Friday and we had a great time! Then on Saturday we hung out as a family and that evening Gordy took me to the drive in and then Logan's. It was really nice, even though Tech could have won the game for me, but I guess not everything can be perfect. I got some terrific gifts but I think the best thing about it all is how many people showed they care about me. It meant a lot to me that everyone came to my birthday party and then all weekend I kept getting phone calls and e-mails. It made the whole thing well worth it. When I was a kid I wanted a lot of people to come to my birthday parties so I could get a lot of gifts, but now I just want people to come so I can see them (But I must say I did tell everyone not to bring gifts to this party and EVERYONE was so sweet and brought me awesome gifts anyway. You do all love me!). It was especially nice to see everyone since a lot of us are so busy that's about the only time we have. So love to all, I hope you had a wonderful Thanskgiving and I hope you have a great week!


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Were blessed to call you guys friends! Thanks for being in our lives!