Thursday, December 4, 2008


"If you are unhappy with your material possessions it's not their fault, it's yours. It means you need to work on your moral life." This was said by one of my Professors on the last day of class and I thought about it all day yesterday. It's really true. There is no reason in this country to be as unhappy as some people seem to be. I have food, a house, cars, a warm bed at night, people that love me, friends and my puppy. AND I do have MORE material possessions than one person would really need. So if this Christmas you are finding yourself feeling depressed because you didn't get your cool new red pair of skates, ask yourself..."Is it really the skates I am missing or something more?" At least you have a warm home, food and family. Don't forget the beginning of the word Christmas, and the holiday cheer that goes with it. I am so frustrated with people today talking about the new ipod or 1,000 inch tv they got for some great deal. That's NOT what this is about at all!! There are men and women that do not get to be home for Christmas instead they are fighting for our country. (So don't forget to pray for them and their families). I am sad that Gordon is not home every night but I am thankful that he gets to come home on weekends and he's safe in Texas. SO go out there, show some love and be lovable people!! (Myself included haha) So I LOVE YOU ALL!! And am so grateful for all of my fabulous friends new and old! Love to all, just thought I would share this thought have a great week and a wonderful CHRISTmas break!!

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CONNIE said...

Wow girl, that is a great blog!!!
The quote from your professor is very impressive. I will remember that! I am very grateful for you. I had so much fun with everyone last night. Thanks for coming and bringing awesome potatoes!!!