Monday, December 22, 2008

what could it change? I mean really...

Well, I have already written this story once, but somehow it was deleted off of here, and I hope this one isn't going to be deleted. I will save it on my computer and I will repost this as many times as I have to! Anyway, on the insistence of my friend Heidi (I love you!) I am going to rewrite this. This is a testament to how great God is even when we're not trying to be involved in others lives and even when we're not trying to bless others necessarily. The other day Parker and I were going into a store and it was cold and windy, and all I was thinking was "Where is there a cart" and looking for one that I could hoist my 32 pound son into and my Mary Poppins bag. As we approach the entrance I see and old woman and a little boy probably 3 or 4 sitting on a well worn bench. Thinking nothing of it really I proceed to enter the store (or at least I try). As we near the entrance Parker pulls on my hand so hard we are no longer going towards the entrance but towards the woman and little boy sitting on the bench. As I am trying to get my scattered thoughts around what is happening Parker pulls off his hat and puts his brand new shiny hot wheel into it handing it to the little boy. He is sitting there looking at his grandmother and then to me. All I could think to say was "He has a big head the hat should fit." Now upon a closer examination the little boys hat is see through and the their jackets are clean but well worn. He asks me if he could hug Parker and of course I say "sure". And as he hugs Parker the Grandmother stands up, well worn with time and age and says to me "I have been sitting here praying to God asking how I was to get something even small for my grandson for Christmas this year, my husband has just lost his second job." Her eyes are threatening to spill the tears her eyes are producing and as I stand there with my son that is not even 2 yet, I realized how God takes care of everyone that is His. This woman is a faithful hardworking lover of God and even though they didn't have a lot of earthly possessions you could see the love and concern for others in her eyes. She asks me if she could hug me and of course I say yes, even though I am not a big fan of hugs from people I have not known a long time. I warmly take her hug and am appreciative that she does not see my own eyes rapidly filling up with water as well. All I could think to say as I took Parker's hand once again was "Merry Christmas and God bless you." As we turn I shove my hand into my pocket feeling a couple of dollars (Which is SO weird because I NEVER have any money) I turn back around and I hand her the cash saying "I know this isn't much but maybe you could buy some gloves or something". She says thank you, but more with her eyes than words. As we are heading into the store I see an old beat up van on it's last leg pull up with a cheerful old man driving. He shouts to the woman and little boy "Get in Ma", and his face lights up despite the cold and lack of heat in the van. Parker gives one final wave to the little boy who is now wearing Parker's old hat, and who knew, Parker's big head was the same size as the older boys. God is so amazing, and even when you're busy and bustling through life He seizes every opportunity to help everyone, even if He has to show a little boy not even 2 yet how to bless someone else's life. I can't wait to see how God is going to use my little man's life, it is amazing to me that He already is! After hearing Ed's sermon yesterday at church this story has even more impact on my life now! Love to all, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas! And don't forget, you never know how some "silly" thing you do might be the very thing someone else has been praying for!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an awesome story. I also have to say that your story telling abilities are quite advanced :) Nana and I think you should write a book.

Love you and can't wait to see you guys!